Dafeng Port to become the the largest timber processing and trade base in East China

According to local analysts, the development of the timber industry around Dafeng Port benefits from competitive advantages in terms of land resources, shipping costs, traffic environment and trade developments.

Dafeng Port, a sea port, has been listed by the state government as one of the main ports along the east coast of China. The district has been included in the Shanghai Economical Zone and the Yangtze Delta Economical Circle.

The area for development at Dafeng Port extends to around 800 hectares and prices for land on this site are lower than in surrounding areas. The Port boasts 18 berths capable of handling some 200,000 containers and will soon be linked to the high-speed rail network and the timber industry zone that will connect to 11 provinces and cities by sea/rail transport. The inspection and quarantine treatment centre for imported timbers has been completed and underwent trials in 2106.

Currently, some 60 enterprises with a combined output of 2 million cubic metres of wood products have settled in the Port’s timber industry zone. It is thought by local analysts that Dafeng Port will become the largest timber processing and trade base in East China.

Source: ITTO