Daewha Kang Design creates Circe, a series of floating structures

London-based studio Daewha Kang Design has set a series of  floating structure as part of the art exhibition ‘Odyssee’ on Möhnesee Lake in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, organised by the Kunstverein Arnsberg museum.

The piece is named ‘Circe’, after the seductive witch from Greek mythology. The structures provide a resting and interactive space for visitors, where they can swim from artwork to artwork and explore each structure.

Daewha Kang Design’s Creature piece (Photo credit: Daewha Kang Design)

The theme takes shape through the movement of 278 identical pieces of spruce that turn and shift to create forms that can be organic or platonic. The reflection in the water is seen to complete the shapes, creating a diamond from one elevation, a circle, or something in between.

Prism (Photo credit: Daewha Kang Design)

Sun (Photo credit: Daewha Kang Design)

Daewha Kang’s simple construction method makes use of shifting, rotating, and fixing 8-foot standard spruce 2×4’s, so it is simple enough to be built by local workers.

The exhibition featured 24 artists who were invited to make pieces on the lake, under the water, or at the lakeside.