CTI and Proskills survey to identify gaps in UK timber industry

The Confederation of Timber Industry (CTI) and Proskills have launched an employer skill survey to identify the current level of skills shortage within the UK timber industry supply chain.

The research will highlight gaps between supply and demand, and identify areas of strength and excellence offering a catalyst for the engagement of the industry in improving skills, recruitment and training. Findings will be presented to the government and key stakeholders to shape the political agenda on education and skills.

Few young people are entering the timber trade in the UK. Succession planning is also hampered by limited education courses, apprenticeships and craft qualifications.

“This survey represents a great opportunity for the timber industries to express their views about skills needs”, said Dirk Vennix, CTI Chief Executive. “Improving Skills and Education is a key target of CTI 3-year strategic plan and, along with our members, we intend to encourage young people to go for a career in the timber sector.”

“In a changing and demanding world, this is a great time for employers to really get involved with skills and careers development for the future”, said Jonathan Ledger, CEO Proskills UK. “Working in partnership with CTI, we can support sustainability and future growth within the timber industry and its supply chain.”


Source: CTI/ Edited by Panels & Furniture Asia