Coohom’s 3D Floor Planner supports retailers and manufacturers in creating interior designs

Coohom has released a new floor planning feature, called 3D Floor Planner, that aims to improve complicated design process for both business owners and interior designers.

According to Coohom, there are over 750,000 3D models ready to be deployed inside the feature, and 3,000 furnished floor plans by an artificial intelligence (AI) decorator. The 3D model library contains various furniture and furnishings, including windows, doors, flooring, lights, wardrobes, kitchen cabinet, and fixed installations.

The 3D visualisation technology also allows for the floor plan to be rendered with a 16K resolution in seconds.

“There are so many 3D design software out there in the market, with some excelling at model precision, and some serving comprehensive 3D library. So what makes Coohom so unique that it could stand out of all those competitors, is that Coohom has it all,” said Cook Liao, head of Coohom.

“Coohom’s 3D Floor Planner supports the easy drag-and-drop feature, and you can review your layout both in 2D and 3D version in real-time, also with customised texture, colour, style editor, even lighting actually.

“And once your finalise the floor plan, you will get to immerse your customers with the full 720 panoramic virtual reality tour.

“Once you seal the deal, our platform also generate the construction drawing automatically with highly accurate measurements. I’m confident to say that Coohom helps business owners grow their sales effectively with lower material costs.”