Coohom introduces Photo & Video Studio to optimise e-commerce experience

Coohom has released its new Photo & Video Studio, a feature that helps e-commerce retailers present their products to the customers with decreased labour and material costs.

For furniture and home decor companies as well as kitchen and bathroom brands, the Photo & Video Studio delivers a white-glove service, which means from virtual camera setting to real-life scene rendering, Coohom can realise the product catalogue.

The aim of the feature is to combine 3D visualisation with interior design, such that customers can browse products with personalised settings, and retailers can exhibit their products in the best conditions possible.

Cook Liao, head of Coohom, commented: “Every industry around the world is thinking about how to cope with the fast-changing times and how to get ahead of everyone else to dominate the market first, because you cannot predict what customers will like 100%.

“However, you can manage to find a way to lead them into liking your products and your brand. And what is the most cost-effective way? Our answer is 3D visualisation.

“Coohom’s Photo & Video Studio optimises the design process, and product presentation, and sales performance for furniture retailing brands, with the photo-realistic rendering up to 16K resolution and virtual video roaming functions. We make sure that our clients never fall short of the sales goals, and always be winning ahead of other competitors!”

According to Coohom, more than 3,000 smart artificial intelligence (AI) templates are prepared in the feature for users to choose. It integrates with various interior styles, so users do not have to worry about how to set up a distinct background that can best emphasise the product.

Using Coohom’s platform of over eight million designers creating 3D design projects, users can also communicate with them in real time to get a unique design scene for the product showing. 

Other features of the Photo & Video Studio include advanced 3D visualisation technology to support augmented reality (AR) scenes, and it supports social media marketing execution and sharing.