Construction on 182m-tall hybrid timber building begins

The Atlassian Central, a 39-storey and 182m-tall hybrid timber building to be finished in 2026 (Image: Obayashi)

Work for a 182m hybrid-timber building in Sydney, Australia has begun construction with Obayashi Corporation, a Japan-based construction firm, and Australian construction group Built.

Both companies plan to complete construction on the 39-storey Atlassian Central in 2026. The building will be used for offices, accommodation and retail outlets.

The Atlassian Central aims to be a benchmark in green credentials, aiming to achieve LEED and WELL green building certifications with the reduction of embodied carbon by 50% or more during the construction period. Once the building is completed, it will be operated with 100% renewable energy.

The seventh floor and above is planned to be built with a hybrid-timber structure combination of steel frames and cross-laminated timber (CLT).

Obayashi aims to further promote wooden buildings, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and provide comfortable built environments, that would lead to resolve social issues related to carbon neutrality and well-being by applying the knowledge gained from fully-wooden construction experience on to wooden hybrid structures.

Brett Mason, CEO and managing director of Built, echoed similar sentiments: “[The Atlassian Central] has been designed and developed to be a proof of concept for what the future of buildings should look like that are low impact on the environment in both construction and operation and create workspaces with a people-first mentality.”