Constructing a cross laminated timber tower in Stockholm

The popularity of timber is on the rise.

Commissioned by the Stockholm Center Party, Anders Berensson Architects was to design a skyscraper to replace an old car park in the city center of Stockholm. The result was a slender ‘plyscraper’ known as “Trätoppen”, which means the tree top that will reflect inside the carpark while leaving the facade of the existing car parks intact.

Standing at 40 stories high, the skyscraper will be made of cross laminated timber building (CLT) and will retract six metres from the existing car park facade to utilise an existing building on the lower floors after an extensive reconstruction. Its smaller footprint will also enable space for a large public terrace on the seventh floor.

Thirty three stories will be built above the carpark, of which 31 will be residential and two for public terraces, with the remaining seven floors will become shops and restaurants.

Picture from an apartment 

The CLT facade of the new skyscraper is a continuation of the pattern with numbers that Hans Asplund designed. From the outside, one can count the floors by reading the facade and from the inside visitors or owners will be reminded of the floor they are on just like in the parking garage. The facade also has practical benefits such as acting like a sun screen, which keeps the building cool and energy efficient.


Source: Anders Berensson Architects