CNC processing: Ergonomic and flexible solutions

HOMAG revealed two new developments in CNC technology at Treff. Firstly, HOMAG has adapted the new operator assistance system intelliGuide, which can speed up machine operation. Plus, HOMAG is now also offering an entry-level aluminium matrix table for CNC machines. Both of these features lead to higher process quality and greater flexibility during production.

Operator assistance system intelliGuide Basic Now is also available on drilling and dowel inserting machines.

Customers will already be familiar with intelliGuide from HOMAG’s panel dividing technology and, since spring this year, their edge banding machines. The system uses an interactive LED strip to show the operator where the workpiece should be positioned. The row of LED lamps shows the position in relation to the length of the workpiece. This technology has now also been adapted for the DRILLTEQ D-500 drilling and dowel inserting machine.

Thanks to the new opportunities that this system provides for visual monitoring within the operator’s field of vision, HOMAG is delivering improved user-friendliness for the operator that will instantly increase both efficiency and output in drilling and dowel machining. The interactive LED strip provides information using various colours:

  • White indicates the position in which the workpiece needs to be placed
  • Green confirms that the workpiece is positioned correctly

DRILLTEQ D-500 with intelliGuide: white indicates where the part needs to be placed (Photo credit: HOMAG)

DRILLTEQ D-500 with intelliGuide: the LED lights go green when the workpieces are in the correct position (Photo credit: HOMAG)

The DRILLTEQ D series is the ideal machine for horizontal drilling and direct dowel inserting in divided workpieces. The machine can also handle vertical processing around workpiece edges. 

Now, thanks to direct visual monitoring, the machine is easier to operate, the process sequence is faster, and the process quality is higher.

New possibilities: aluminium grid table for the CENTATEQ P-110

HOMAG wanted to provide greater flexibility to ambitious CNC users, even on entry-level models. This is why, at Treff 2018, HOMAG is presenting the grooved matrix table as a new option for the P-110 series.

Workpieces firmly under control: CENTATEQ P-110 clamping equipment (Photo credit: HOMAG)

With this new option, users have a significant advantage: The grooved aluminium matrix table means that clamping equipment can be attached with positive locking and so workpieces are held securely — even with high hogging forces. The design of the vacuum transmission within the table optimises the distribution of the vacuum, reduces leaks and losses in vacuum transmission, and makes complex installations unnecessary.

Thanks to various clamping equipment with variable clamping heights, the matrix table can also be used with units. This is ideal for processing small batch sizes or special shapes ranging from solid wood to panel-shaped workpieces.

Another benefit: With the CENTATEQ P-110, the multifunctional table can be fitted with 3-, 4- or even 5-axis Technology.