Classification for Myanmar’s sawnwood export

The classification of sawnwood qualities and specifications in Myanmar is rather unique with the most common quality being the so-called FEQ (First European Quality).

There are three major groups of sawn timber: Flitches (with a cross-sectional area of 24 square inches and up, excluding heartwood), boards (width 6 inches and wider), scantlings (width 5 inch or below).

In addition to sawnwood there are two other main marketable items: outdoor decking and ‘mini-decking’ for yachts. As there are restrictions on the maximum size of a flitch that can be exported flitch production is limited.

Boards and scantling are regularly available and the EU and US markets prefer long length boards. FOB prices for these items depend not only quality but also the average width and length.

The price of boards with an average width (8 inch) and length (8 ft) can vary from US$ 4100 to 4500 /cubic metres.

Source: ITTO