Chinese forestry enterprises back to work except in Hubei

According to the State Forestry and Grass Administration, domestic forestry and wood processing enterprises are resuming work especially the state forestry enterprises, reported ITTO.

With the exception of Hubei Province, the rate of resumption of work in forestry enterprises nationwide had exceeded 90% by 22 March 2020.

However, the Chinese media has reported many private employers are operating at a fraction of normal levels because employees have been unable to return from their home provinces.

Even after the government started allowing some businesses to reopen, many provinces still have travel restrictions in place.

The People’s Daily newspaper reported in late March that most migrant workers had returned to work. No official figures for possible job losses have been reported.

A spokesperson from the State Forestry and Grass Administration said that forestry enterprises were seriously affected by the epidemic, production costs increased, earnings dropped and losses increased.

According to a survey by the China Forest Industry Association, more than 78% of forestry and timber enterprises were affected, 14% seriously so and 8% could not survive. Currently forestry and timber enterprises are faced with practical difficulties such as a shortage of raw materials, tight liquidity, blocked import and export of products and slow domestic sales.