China’s tropical sawnwood imports from Thailand continue to decline

Thailand still is the main source of tropical sawnwood for China and in 2019, tropical sawnwood imports from Thailand totalled 3.59 million cubic metres valued at US$1.038 billion, a year-on-year decline in volume of 19% and a 26% decline in value, reported ITTO.

Thailand’s market share for tropical sawnwood exports to China was 59% but this was down 3% year on year.

The head of the Rubber Authority of Thailand, Nakorn Takkavirapat, said many rubberwood entrepreneurs are in financial difficulties because of a sudden drop in China’s imports due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

Most of Thailand’s rubberwood exports are destined for China. The value of rubberwood exports in 2017 was Bt49.44 million but the figure dropped to Bt29.4 million in 2019.