China’s total PB capacity reach 19.7m cbm by end 2015

China built 20 new particleboard production lines in 2015, boosting total production capacity to three million cubic metres. Of the new production lines, 12 are continuous press lines with 2.24m cubic metres of total production capacity, representing 74% of newly-invested production capacity, according to Wood Markets’ Special Report: China Particleboard Industry Development.

By the end of 2015, China operated about 338 particleboard production lines totaling 19.7 million m3 of production capacity. Of all production lines, 23 of them are continuous press lines, accounting for 26% of total particleboard production capacity in China. 

The annual production capacity per line from the continuous press lines averaged 223,000m3, almost 3.8 times the average production capacity per line of the China’s average particleboard mill.