China’s imported plywood from all South East Asian countries decline except Vietnam in 2019

China’s plywood imports from ASEAN in 2019 fell to 49,424 cubic metres valued at US$26.28 million, down 26% in value and 23% in value over 2018, reported ITTO.

Imports from the main supply countries of ASEAN, Malaysia and Indonesia declined in 2019. Imports from Malaysia dropped 39% and from Indonesia there was a decline of 24% (22,948 cubic metres and 21,074 cubic metres respectively).

However, China’s plywood imports from Vietnam in 2019 rose substantially in 2019 to 5,273 cubic metres.

Due to the impact of the pandemic, China’s plywood imports from ASEAN in the first quarter 2020 fell dramatically to 9,840 cubic metres valued at US$4.66 million, down 80% in volume and 82% in value over the same period of 2019.