China’s Five Year Plan aims to reach 1.4 billion cubic metres of forest stock

Just over 33 million hectares of plantations will be established and conservation of the current 40 million hectares will continue in China, according to the 13th Five Year Plan for China’s national forestry development released by the State Forestry Administration (SFA).

The plan envisages China’s national forest stock will reach 1.4 billion cubic metres with the forest cover rising to just over 23%. The total value of forestry industry output will amount to RMB8.7 trillion.

During 12th Five Year Plan period, output from the country’s forest industry grew by more than 20% to RMB5.94 trillion compared to output in the previous plan period. The average annual production of wood-based panels in the 12th plan period was 250 million cubic metres and flooring output tipped 690 billion square metres. 


Source: ITTO