China sawn wood import prices slip on increase in volume

China’s 2015 sawn wood imports may have increased 2% to 26.08 million cubic metres but prices have slipped 8% to US$7 billion, according to data from China Customs. The average price for imported sawn wood was US$285 per cubic metre, down 10% in 2015.

Of the total sawn wood, softwood imports fell 3% to 14.11 million cubic metres, accounting for 54% of the national total. The average price was US$196 per cubic metre, down 10% YoY.

Sawn hardwood imports rose 7% to 11.97 million cubic metres. The average price was US$389 per cubic metre, down 12% YoY. Of the total hardwood imports, tropical sawn wood imports accounted for 18% of the national total. Shipments rose 15% to 4.77 million cubic metres but the value fell 6% to US$2.1 billion. The average price for imported tropical sawnwood was US$432 per cubic metre, a 19% decline YoY.