China officially launches eco-district site that developed with Canadian lumber

According to a news release from Natural Resources Canada, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, the Honourable Jim Carr, paid the CAD$2.5 billion (US$1.89 billion) Sino-Canadian Low-Carbon Eco-District in Tianjin, China, a visit. The site, which reflects China’s green-building goals, also showcased Canadian softwood lumber, clean technologies, energy efficiency standards, and unique expertise in wood frame construction to help China tackle climate challenges.

Earlier, Minister Carr and Yi Jun, China’s Vice Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, reaffirmed a memorandum of understanding to support the development of eco-cities, which will also promote the use of wood in construction – which contributes to the sequestration of carbon and reduces emissions – as well as Canadian energy efficiency know-how to push green building in China to greater heights. At the site, Canadian wood will be utilised in innovative ways, and will be used in the construction of commercial mid-rise buildings.

Around 100 townhouses in the Sino-Canadian Low-Carbon Eco-District will be built to the Super E® energy efficiency standard, developed by Natural Resources Canada, and already successfully implemented in Asia, Canada, and Europe. However, the Tianjin eco-district project will be the first time the standard will be applied in such a large scale.

Projects done in partnership, such as the Sino-Canadian Low-Carbon Eco-District, provide a model for the use of Canadian wood in construction, clean technologies, and innovation on a global scale. Additionally, the project is an example of the Government of Canada supporting jobs in the Canadian forest sector by expanding market opportunities for wood products and advocating the of wood as a green infrastructure material.

“The eco-district in Tianjin is a remarkable testament to what can be achieved when international partners cooperate in the interest of promoting environmental best practices,” the news release quoted Minister Carr saying. “Canada is a proud participant in this ambitious project and will be happy to work with China to realise its goal of creating thriving green cities.”