China national accreditation body now recognised by US EPA

China’s National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) is now recognised by the United States Environment Protection Agency (EPA), according to a news report from China Daily.

The CNAS offers accreditation services that China’s wood product traders can use to prove their products meet specific regulations and guidelines without having to go through additional certification and testing again.

In Dec the CNAS alerted manufacturers that the EPA issued a revised Formaldehyde Emission Standard for Composite Wood Products which raises safety standards and requires detailed information on composite wood products destined for the US market.

Meeting the US regulations became a major technical and cost issue for Chinese manufacturers, which in turn affected export sales to the US.

The US regulation calls for composite wood products to be tested by a certification body recognised by the EPA before entering the US. The CNAS is now officially recognised by the US EPA as a certification body, which it obtained in January this year.

Source: ITTO