China: Hexion is set to offer industry-leading wood composite resins

Hexion Inc. will soon begin dedicating capacity from its phenolic resins plant in Zhanjiang, Jiangsu, China, to meet burgeoning regional demand for forest product resins and binders used to manufacture and produce plywood as well as other composite wood products.

The plant in Zhenjiang, which Hexion acquired in August 2015, is part of Hexion’s 55 manufacturing facilities spanning the company’s global network that are committed to providing resins systems and additives to industrial and wood markets.

The plant produces phenol formaldehyde (PF) resins and additives for a wide range of applications, and for the forest products industry, Hexion’s PF resin systems enhance the structural performance and moisture resistance in wood composite materials, such as exterior plywood and oriented strand boards (OSB). PF resins are also ultra-low emitting, helping manufacturers meet or exceed the most stringent and robust global standards for emissions.

Additionally, with its EcoBind™ resin systems, Hexion stands at the forefront of environmentally suitable resin. Within the forest products sector, Hexion is a recognised leader in resins and additives technology for both structural and non-structural composite wood products.

“We are committed to serving the growing composite wood products industry in China,” Wei Guo, Managing Director, China Affairs, Hexion, said. “As the global leader in resins and adhesives for composite wood products, this is an excellent opportunity for us to bring our technical know-how and service expertise to customers in this attractive market.”