China encourages sustainable manufacturing and materials to improve green supply chain: ITTO

Wood-based panels can be considered as a green material

According to the International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO), the Chinese government will support home furnishing manufacturing enterprises to implement green manufacturing, encourage conditional areas to introduce targeted policies and measures for green manufacturing demonstration enterprises, and promote enterprises to increase R&D efforts of green home products, all in an attempt to improve the green supply chain.

The unified green product standards, certification and identification system will be improved and the scope of green household product certification will be expanded.

Additionally, the Chinese government will encourage and support residents in purchasing green household appliances, green furniture and green building materials. The government will reportedly support home furnishing stores to develop green shopping malls, set up green product sales zones and develop green home decoration sales.

To foster smart consumption through innovation, the government will support enterprises to tap into the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and artificial intelligence to accelerate research and development for smart home appliances, smart security, smart lighting, smart sleep, smart health and smart audio and video entertainment.

This effort will play a role in big data for consumer platforms to support enterprises to carry out customisation, personalised design and flexible production of household products.

The inter-connection of smart home devices will be promoted, a sound standard system will be established and the integration of single product intelligence with whole house intelligence will be promoted. To encourage that, the government will build and conduct trials on digital homes.

ITTO also reported that the level of elderly-oriented household products will be improved. The promotion of elderly-oriented products will be formulated and published and the development of design standards for elderly-oriented household products will be accelerated.

The government will therefore support enterprises to increase R&D of elderly-oriented household products such as household appliances, furniture and bath devices: for instance, the installation of video care systems and household health monitoring equipment such as blood oxygen meters, blood pressure metres, blood glucose meters along with home stores and e-commerce platforms to appropriate for senior product sales area counters and will expand elderly-oriented home renovation.

Source: ITTO