Chilean Arauco announces 2017 shipment plans of green lumber for Japan

The largest Chilean radiate pine lumber supplier, Arauco, has announced its 2017 plan of bulk ships for green lumber for Japan. Currently, the company plans eight ships for 2017, the same as 2016 with the volume of 144,000 cubic metres. Two additional ships are in reserves in the event that demand increases.

Actual arrivals of the total Chilean lumber during January and August in 2016 are 134,200 cubic metres, 8.2 percent less than the same period of last year, hence, the total year volume is estimated to be about 200 million cubic metres. Arauco’s supply volume for Japan in 2016 is estimated about 140 million cubic metres (loading base).

The volume includes markets of China and Korea. Chilean lumber suppliers revised joint shipment, and individual supplier negotiates with shipping lines of yearly necessary ships. Since shipments include other markets volume, ships’ rotation is flexible so inventory management is much more difficult than before after regular 45 days rotation is disrupted.

Source: ITTO