Certificate for Forest Management withdrawn from Kelantan State FMU

The Certificate for Forest Management for the Kelantan State FMU has been withdrawn by SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd with effect from 23 November 2016. The withdrawal of the Certificate was due to the failure of Kelantan State Forestry Department in resolving satisfactorily the major non conformity raised in the surveillance audit.

With the withdrawal of the Certificate, the Kelantan State FMU is no longer a PEFC-certified FMU under the MTCS. All logs sourced from the Kelantan State FMU after 18 March (as indicated in the Removal Passes) will not be recognised as PEFC-certified material.

However, logs originating from the Permanent Reserved Forest within the Kelantan State could qualify as PEFC Controlled Sources materials, provided that a risk based due diligence system has been implemented and the logs do not originate from forest areas cleared for conversion to other land uses.


Source: MTCC; Image: Tropical rainforests in Malaysia/ file photo