Celebrating wood in Finnish architecture and culture

An exhibition on Finland’s wood architecture that runs from now till the end of April at The Center for Architecture in New York highlights the role of wood in Finnish art and culture.

The exhibition, Annual Rings: A New Generation of Wood Architecture in Finland, co-produced by the Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Aalto University Wood Program, tells the story of Finnish wood architecture over the past two decades. The exhibition includes 14 projects of varying scales: churches, chapels, cultural buildings, pavilions, a research centre, and the country’s first wooden multi-story apartment building completed last year. Some are temporary structures but most buildings still stand today.

The included projects have been selected not only for their architectural quality, but also for the experimental nature of their execution.

Finland prides itself on its long-established woodworking tradition and widespread appreciation for quality craftsmanship, but the last 20 years have seen remarkable development in Finnish wood construction. Since 1994, the government and the wood building industry have invested strongly in research, development, and education related to wood architecture and construction.

The Finnish Wood Award, inaugurated in 1994, has been awarded 16 times and educational programmes devoted to wood architecture now receive widespread recognition. Alongside these efforts, and with some help from them, wood architecture in Finland has again become vital and recognised throughout the world.


Annual Rings: A New Generation of Wood Architecture in Finland runs from February 16 to April 30, 2016. For more information: http://cfa.aiany.org/