CATAS opens a new furniture laboratory

On the map of the Catas headquarters in San Giovanni al Natisone, an important European laboratory for the wood-furniture sector marked as “Building C” will soon become the new “Furniture Laboratory”, a modern building that was rebuilt after the fire of 20 December 2016.

It was a tough time for the company “but…we faced together, forming a team and continuing to work, to carry out tests, to respond to the needs of our customers while the new laboratory grew up day by day”, said Bernardino Ceccarelli, during of the opening ceremony held on Monday 14 October in the presence of numerous representatives of the institutions and of the Italian and international furniture sector.

The new “Furniture laboratory” was built in less than two years (the site was opened in October 2017) with an investment of 4 million euros, covered by Catas. A two-floors building of over 4000 square meters: on the ground floor the 2,300 square metre laboratory, with controlled temperature and humidity, a fibre optic data transmission system and more than hundred machines and equipment for network-connected tests according to the rules of “Industry 4.0”.

In the basement,  a warehouse of 2000 m2 and spaces for meetings and training courses is builty; on the roof a 320 kW photovoltaic system to produce energy from the sun.

Thus, a new chapter opens in the history of Catas, which today has 54 employees and carries out over 50,000 tests every year for 2000 customers all over the world, with a turnover exceeding 7 million euros.

The new laboratory will significantly enhance the institute’s “productivity”, which from January 2020 will also be equipped with 30 new test machines for the analysis of formaldehyde and VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions, a subject – the “indoor pollution” – of growing importance in the furniture world. An area adjacent to the laboratory has been purchased for future expansion.

CATAS spa is presently considered the largest Italian and European institute in the field of wood and furniture. It is a research centre supported by a highly qualified team of experts, more than 50 employees, including graduates in chemistry, physics, engineering and mathematics.

The five departments (materials, surfaces, finished products, chemical-biological, and fire) carry out a wide range of tests and research both on raw materials and finished products. For each single material or product, CATAS can assess the conformity to the requirements of standards or to those defined by the customer itself, by carrying out different tests on safety, performance and durability.