Catas launches new website for product certification

The logo for Catas Quality Award

Catas, a research organisation that certifies low formaldehyde emissions of wood-based panels, has launched a new online showcase for their Catas Quality Award product certification.

Since 1993, Catas has issued more than 180 different certifications, ranging from coating systems to glue-laminated beams, from raw materials to playground surfaces.

In recent years, the topic of product certification has become a priority in the wood furniture sector. Being able to guarantee that a table, a chair, a flooring, a coating, an armchair or a kitchen comply with precise standards that establish their functionality, security, origin, quality, and sustainability is an essential value.

A certificate that is the result of tests and controls is acquiring new importance in itself as not only a “license” that allows the manufacturer to take part in specific tenders or satisfy requirements, but also a “sign”, a mark, a document that certifies values and performance that can become a reason for choice for the end consumer.

“Things are rapidly changing and there are more and more incentives for us to work in the direction of the final consumer”, commented Franco Bulian, director of Catas. “A trend that, if possible, further increases the value of our work, which becomes more and more a way to communicate to the final users the quality of what they are buying in a clear and effective way.

“For some time we have also been working on the communication tools of the certifications issued for our clients, among whom, we would like to remind you, there are some of the main industrial groups in the production and now also in the retail sector. I am referring to a restyling of our certification marks, which allows us to ‘speak’ directly to the consumer or to those who purchase certified materials and to make the values of safety, quality and performance guaranteed by a third-party body of recognised authority in the sector immediately understood through a mark, the Catas Quality Award, the ‘Made in Italy by Catas’.”

Bulian concluded: “A new time is rapidly opening up new scenarios. Over the years, we have defined and continue to establish new testing protocols, according to the most up-to-date and stringent standards, on the subject of sustainability, for example, to concretely demonstrate how many and what values are hidden behind this often-abused word.”

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