Canada’s softwood dispute with America drags on

David Emerson, the trade envoy to the United States of America (USA) representing Canada, recently met with a number of US senators, trade officials, and representatives of the National Association of Home Builders in Washington to discuss the continuing softwood lumber row.

“We have met with them to make sure they understand that BC (British Columbia) is going to fight on behalf of our lumber producers. We would much rather find opportunities to work together with our American neighbours to find a lasting solution to this long-lived dispute,” Emerson said in a statement.

After emerging from what he termed a “prickly” meeting with Ron Wyden, the US Senator for Oregon and one of the core backers of the U.S. Lumber Coalition, Emerson said that the U.S. was not yet inclined to resolve the issue, and that the nation was probably still adapting to President Trump’s recent transition into power.

Emerson said that he had emphasised to all parties involved Canada’s disinterest in a costly and drawn-out dispute, but instead was looking for a lasting settlement, on which the country was prepared for and willing to cooperate with.

“A stable, predictable lumber supply is good for workers and the economy on both sides of the border,” Emerson stated. “Litigation will only disrupt the market and create artificial constraints on timber supply that will benefit a select few timber barons and sawmill owners at the expense of American workers and consumers.”

Source: Wood Business