Call for submissions for the 2018 Wood Design & Building Awards

Audain Art Museum, one of the winners of the Wood Design & Building Awards 2017. Image credited to Patkau Architects

With wood in construction experiencing a renaissance and revolution driven by the need to lower emissions while still creating appealing designs, architects and engineers around the world have been celebrating the movement.

To that end, the Wood Design & Building Awards programme recognises the inroads design and construction teams have made for applying wood in their projects. Inspiring submissions continue to push the boundaries of innovation ever further, challenging conventional ways of thinking about wood used in construction.

But as wood science technology and research continue to advance, so must the perception of wood’s ability. Wood building systems are becoming more and more robust, and there is a discernible push for taller and taller wood buildings.

Accepting projects from all around the world, the Wood Design & Building Awards celebrates design teams who are passionate about promoting a culture of wood in construction, acknowledging and lauding it as a sophisticated building material that is also safe and strong.

The early bird deadline for the Wood Design & Building Awards is the 1st of November 2018, and the submission deadline is the 28th of November 2018.