Building shell finished: New construction project in Nürtingen progressing on schedule

Building shell for new Holz-Her headquarters already in place. Employees are scheduled to start moving in by September 2019.

The ground-breaking ceremony was held last year – now the building shell is completely finished: The new headquarters for the Weinig Group affiliate HOLZ-HER, with total investment costs of 10 million euros is under construction at the location in Nürtingen. The sales, engineering, development and service departments as well as the administration will be housed in the new, state-of-the-art building complex with total floor space of 5,800 square meters. The completed and visible wooden construction consists of composite material designed without supporting pillars and is distinguished visually by its outstanding airiness. The 1,400 sq. m. show room is the central element forming the heart of the structure.

“As far as deadlines go, we are right on schedule”, reported Frank Epple, Business Manager at Holz-Her GmbH. He is confident that the over 100 employees will be able to move into the new company facilities as planned in September 2019. This forward-looking complex offers sufficient space for expansion and further growth: Since its integration into the Weinig Group in 2010, HOLZ-HER has developed exceptionally well, tripling it turnover figures to nearly 120 million euros in 2017.