Budget-friendly as well as user-friendly feed edge banding machines? Why not?

Madras Industries recently introduced a budget- and user-friendly feed edge banding machine, the German Lange Machinenbau.

Lange machines have been benefitting the global market since 1985 with their good productivity and high quality, meeting the standards of companies everywhere, large and small. With innovations in both technology and design, Lange consistently improves its machine quality in order to provide easier operations and higher production rates with exacting precision.

A few of the features of the pre-milling unit are diamond-charged spiralling joining millers that give tear-free and neat work to the pre-milling pieces; and two reverse, operator-controlled pre-milling units, each equipped with a 1.5 kW motor.

A Teflon-coated, leak-free glue pot for excess glue is located below, so that surplus glue is not wasted and instead pours back into the glue pot. The exact amount of glue needed can be measured by the glue roller provided. An attached electronic temperature control with an automated stand-by capability will bring down the possibility of glue burning is the machine is left running.

The top and bottom milling stations are outfitted with two powerful and high-frequency 0.35kW, 12,000 rpm motors and HM-WPL special millers good for bevel and radius milling, as well as vertical and horizontal scanning of the piece. Digital readouts allow numerous edge type to be set and the machine adjusted for.

Another characteristic of the machine includes the Omron 10-inch colour touch screen control panels that command glue temperature settings, feed speeds, error diagnosis, motorised beam pressure, as well as the automated temperature cutback for the stand-by capability of the machine.

The Machinenbau is a budget- and user-friendly feed edge banding machine. Photo credit: Wood News