Brazilian wood-based sector has more than enough room for growth: Study

Brazil is gaining ground as a key supplier of wood products for the international market, despite its economic crisis at home and perennial problems in the world timber market, the 2016 ABIMCI Sectoral Study indicates.

There are also further expectations for growth within the country, especially in the residential sector where over 5.8 million homes are in demand, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

Its growth will boost employment for the wood processing industries, which accounts for more than half of the jobs in the forestry sector. Most of them are small-medium enterprises producing a wide range of products (plywood, sawn timber, doors, mouldings and flooring) mainly for the domestic market.

Other priorities include expanding product certification, improving technical standards, increasing wood products exports, and promoting sustainable practices and transparency.


Source: ITTO