Branching out with Combilift

Following the launch of five new models in its 25th anniversary year in 2023, Irish materials handling specialist Combilift has announced the premiere of Combi-Container Log-Loader (CLL). It was exhibited at EXPO Richmond 2024, a US trade show for the forest products industry.

This customer-led solution that has potential for applications beyond the forestry and timber industries (Image: Combilift)

The concept and operation of the Combi-CLL is based on that of the Combi-Container Slip Sheet (CSS), which has been deployed across numerous industries for the mechanised loading of long products such as packs of timber or steel into containers. This reportedly reduces the risk of accidents to the workforce and product damage. It is also said to be faster compared to other methods — a 40in container can be fully loaded by one operator in under 6mins.    

The 30-tonne capacity electro-hydraulically powered Combi-CLL offers the same benefits when it comes to speed, safety and product integrity. It was designed to address the requirements of exporters of softwood and hardwood logs, the nature and shape of which make them much trickier to handle than palletised or packed products. Logs can be individually lifted and pre-loaded into a robust, high-sided metal ‘tub’ before the push-pull mechanism powers the tub into the container. Once inside, the hydraulic dropdown hatch is closed and locked into position to hold the logs securely in place, and the tub is retracted to allow the logs to settle within the container.