Both an experiment and a realisation, Tara explores nature’s language

Set on the border between a forest and a beautiful open space in the Southern Carapathian of the Tarcu Mountains in Romania, Tara explores human sensory perception of the environment, communicating with both the symbolic as well as natural language of nature’s elements.

Dedicated to finding a balance between full and empty spaces, and the harmonious and vibrant rhythms that uncover the ephemeral fluctuations between weightlessness and gravity, the balance is expressed through the wood used for the structure – a material that is natural, living, and readily accepting of the slow but inexorable erosion that is part of its biology.

Designed and built in ten days by a team of 32 hailing from different nations, the small structure is both an experiment and a sensitive, caring form of tourism regarding nature and the environment. The project was supported by WWF Romania and Caposaz, an Italian organisation that promotes collaboration among young architects and designers all over the world to design and build structures.


Architects: Camposaz
Location: Tarcu Mountains, Southern Carpathian, Armenis, Romania
Year of completion: 2017
Photo credit: Sebastian Apostol