Borg Manufacturing produced its first MDF board with Siempelkamp ContiRoll

Group picture in Oberon with the board. From left: Ray Groves, construction manager; Vincent Rowe, project manager of Borg Manufacturing; John Borg, managing director and owner of Borg Manufacturing; Darren Johnson, project manager of Borg Manufacturing; Tom Hagan, CEO of Crossmuller. (Image credit: Siempelkamp)

To improve capacity and quality, Borg Manufacturing has replaced an old multi-opening line in Oberon, New South Whales, Australia, with Siempelkamp’s ContiRoll. Borg Manufacturing is an Australia-based manufacturer for the woodworking and construction industries.

The ContiRoll is installed in an 8-feet x 18.8m format and a lightboard package, along with Siempelkamp Compactor, which provides protection for the steel belts in the press and opens up improvements in capacity and quality, especially for the production of thin medium-density fibreboard (MDF) boards.

The production spectrum includes boards in a thickness range from 1-25mm. With the lightboard package, the Australian company can produce lightweight fibreboards and increases the plant’s output while reducing raw material input.

“We – the Siempelkamp Australia team as well as our German colleagues – congratulate very warmly and many thanks for the great and constructive teamwork to achieve this project milestone,” said Geoff Robson, managing director Siempelkamp.