binderholz features new sawing line in Baruth, Germany

The new sawing line cuts from 2.5-5m in length and 110-550mm in diameter (Image: binderholz)

binderholz has put into operation a new sawing line in Baruth, Germany. According to binderholz, it is a flexible line that cuts log from 2.5-5m in length and 110-550mm in diameter. Technical refinements, such as a cross-cut saw and laser-assisted optical log measurement with automatic cutting pattern adjustment, ensure added value and careful handling of the raw material wood.

The first construction measures were carried out at the end of 2020 to prepare the existing, upstream and downstream systems and the hall for the installation of the new sawing line. The first machines arrived in the summer of 2021 and were set up within a short time.

At the same time, a self-sufficient residual wood disposal system was installed for the new line. In December 2021, the first log was processed on the new line.

After a two-month commissioning and optimisation period, the sawing line was handed over to production in March. It replaced an old line from 1994. Furthermore, the company modernised the entire technical infrastructure in the course of installation, installing a new electrical supply line.

The investment totalled around €38 million, as reported by binderholz.