Biesse’s Inside Spring 2021 to be held from 10 to 28 May in hybrid format

The Biesse Group has announced the dates and line-up of the Inside Spring 2021 event, which aims to showcase technology from Biesse, Intermac and Diamut. The special spring edition will include in-person showroom demonstrations and guided tours that comply with health and safety protocols, as well as online tech webinars and in-depth sessions. The event is scheduled for 10 to 28 May at the Pesaro Campus and on and is dedicated to the latest solutions for machining wood, advanced materials, glass and stone.

Inside Spring is a continuation of Biesse Group’s exclusive “on-life” format, which first launched with INSIDE IN ACTION last autumn. The format spans two versions: one “offline” and one “online”.

Inside Spring – Biesse Group Pesaro Campus

The Biesse and Intermac showrooms in Pesaro will open their doors to the over 60 machines, products and digital services that are waiting to be discovered, fully respecting protocols for the health and safety of customers, employees and the workplace. Thanks to an online booking system dedicated to the event, customers can book their visits and technical demonstrations autonomously, on the basis of daily availability and in compliance with safety regulations. To illustrate Biesse and Intermac solutions while guaranteeing safe environments, 20 business lounge areas will be exclusively dedicated to welcoming customers.

Inside Spring – Online

Through a single registration on, customers will be granted access to a rich programme schedule that will put the spotlight on technological innovation offering the latest news about products and processes. The online version of the Inside Spring event will be built around “Technology in Action” with its premium in-depth and exclusive content, tech videos about cutting edge technology translated in eight languages and broadcast in streaming for different time zones: America, Europe and Asia Pacific. During the video broadcasts, customers will be able to interact with experts via a chat that remains open the whole time and allows them to communicate in their local language, with the added option of activating a video call for a one-to-one meeting.

The MAKE & TALK series will also continue with its in-depth sessions and success stories. Two new appointments will be hosted at the Casa Lago location in Milan. These are scheduled for the first and last day of the event and will feature two special guests. On 10 May, the Next Comes First series will broadcast a Sustainability and Competitiveness talk with the exclusive participation of Rossella Sobrero, President of the Public Relations Federation (FERPI), long-time organiser of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) show. And on 28 May, the Futuring series will host a conversation with Daniele Lago, Chief Executive Officer & Head of Design Lago for a talk under the heading “May Design Transform Society”.

All of the videos will subsequently be available for streaming on the interactive Digital Arena platform ( to be viewed on-demand. The information-rich sessions about technology and innovation, available in the showroom or in the digital versions, are driven by AUTOMACTION and SMARTACTION, Biesse’s two approaches to the digital transformation. The former works to meet the needs of large industrial plants that wish to reinforce and enhance their manufacturing performance, while the latter responds to the needs of medium and small businesses, presenting all the advantages that digitalisation has to offer.

“It will be a borderless group event spanning all the technology produced by Biesse, Intermac and Diamut, an international moment that is not to be missed. We are offering customers anywhere in the world a complete formula that spans all divisions and blurs the lines between the in-person and digital experience. By streaming the demonstrations and providing video calls with our local sales force, we are ensuring that even those who cannot come to Pesaro in person will be able to participate in this truly international event,” notes Federico Broccoli, Biesse Group Chief Commercial & Markets Officer. “The participation of our offices around the world is the real keystone of an event that will truly run around the clock all over the world, overcoming the limits of time and place. The event underscores the Group’s determination to expand its international presence, reaching territories everywhere with local offices, serving as a resource for cultural enrichment and professional development and a hub for great talent.”

“We are opening the doors to our showrooms in the spring, moving the Inside event forward and confirming the hybrid formula we adopted last October, which proved successful on several fronts: in fact, this strategy ensures that our customers can interact, share and participate whether in person, at our showrooms, or digitally through the Digital Arena platform. We invested significant resources in expanding our digital ecosystem, both in terms of tech innovation, for products and services, and in terms of the way we relate with customers all over the world. Digital channels are a new means of remaining in touch, offering everyone access to our showrooms, even when they are not physically present in Pesaro,” said Raphaël Prati, Biesse Group Chief Marketing & Communications Officer. “Our customers are not mere spectators, they interact with our experts in real time (during the virtual showroom demos or while tech documentaries are being broadcast on the Digital Arena) blurring the line between the physical and the digital world and enhancing the value of relationships and of participation.”