Biesse releases financial report for H1 2022

Biesse’s new headquarters in Curitiba, Brazil (Image: Biesse)

Biesse Group has released the consolidated interim report as of June 2022. The group’s revenue achieved an increase in 18.3% compared to June 2021 with €419 million, and a net profit of €19.4 million, an 8% increase compared to last year.

According to the report, Biesse Group’s machines and systems segment dominates with 90.7% compared to 9.3% (net of eliminations) in the mechatronics segment.

From the geographical point of view, the domestic market accounted for 25.7% of turnover, as compared to 16.7% as at June 2021. The group’s western Europe revenue clocked in 53.7%, eastern Europe with 14.4%, North America with 17.2%, Asia-Pacific with 11.7%, and the rest of the world with 3%.

The results achieved in H1 2022 confirm the group’s solid positioning within the objectives and targets of the Three-Year Plan approved last year.

Pierre La Tour, CFO of Biesse Group, commented: “The results approved today depict an undoubtedly positive situation, but it’s necessary to maintain a cautious attitude for the immediate future.

“In the recent months there has been a slowdown in demand as a result of the conflict in Ukraine, persistent pandemic conditions extreme volatility in the financial markets and the evident persistence of unfavourable conditions on raw materials and logistic, which are obvious distorting factors that will inevitably affect our results.

“We are suffering from the negative repercussions of the sanctions applied to the countries involved in the conflict in Eastern Europe; economic sanctions, as such, also have negative repercussions on the way we do business and therefore on our short-term prospects.”