Biesse Group launches new hybrid event to exhibit recent technological advances

Biesse Group has launched “Inside in Action”, the first event to bring together the Group’s divisions from wood processing to the machining of advanced materials, to glass and stone. Scheduled to run from 5 to 30 October 2020, it is slated to be an “on-life” event, where the real and the virtual meld into one to showcase innovations from the Biesse, Intermac and Diamut divisions.

This unique hybrid event will allow customers to participate in-person at the Biesse Group campus in Pesaro or remotely via the online platform. The three pillars of “Inside in Action” are dubbed INSIDE LIVE, INSIDE NEXT AND INSIDE PLAY.


The Biesse Group is once again opening the doors to innovation in Pesaro, through the Wood & Advanced Materials and the Glass & Stone showrooms, providing safe access to 5,000 sq m of technology. From 5 to 30 October, customers will be able to learn about the trends in technology that they were unable to experience through traditional trade shows. The event will feature over 40 machines, software packages and digital services designed for all manufacturers, from large factories with elevated production volumes, to companies searching for flexibility and personalisation, to small businesses that can become authentic “smart factories”. All this at INSIDE LIVE, the traditional live event that confirms and reinforces the efforts made by Biesse and Intermac to automate and revolutionise the world of manufacturing. 

Customers will be able to book visits and personalised technical demonstrations of machines selected on the basis of their interests: online registrations for the event will open in September. Protocols to safeguard the health and safety of customers, employees and workspaces will be guaranteed and any measures needed to ensure a healthy environment will be adopted and strictly enforced during the event. 


Inside in Action will offer a truly 360° experience for customers both live and online with a tech show entirely focused on tech innovations, with new products and processes. On 15 and 16 October, INSIDE NEXT will present new technology for the machining of wood and advanced materials, while advanced solutions for processing glass and stone will be presented live on 22 and 23 October. 


Following the trail blazed by E-VENT: Digital in Action, INSIDE PLAY will unfold in the digital realm with a series of educational webinars and live demonstrations accessible on any desktop or mobile device thanks to the virtual platform. A packed schedule of digital contents and tech demonstrations will be shown for the first time between 26 and 30 October to users who can connect to the event through any device available. The interactive and international nature of the event will be tangible in every webinar: users will, in fact, be able to interact with the experts in real time, asking questions and discussing interesting features. To further ensure an event without borders, all of the branch offices will be involved in the webinars, which means customers will be able to participate in live events presented in the most widespread local languages. The digital meetings will consist of training sessions and live talks, providing sector-specific updates for customers everywhere and at any time, and will remain available to be watched on demand through the Digital Arena. 

“Inside in Action is set to be a historic, unique and unprecedented event in our industry: an unmissable and truly international occasion which spans all the technologies produced by Biesse, Intermac and Diamut, and involves the Group as a whole. The Group’s 39 subsidiaries will also play a fundamental role in the event, rendering the range of content, technologies and advanced solutions available even more varied and accessible – a benefit that can be enjoyed by our customers,” announced Federico Broccoli, Chief Commercial and Subsidiaries Officer. “We have developed a new Inside Biesse Group formula – one which is more comprehensive and up to date – in order to continue to contribute to the success of our customers around the world, and to provide them with as much support as possible, expanding the “events” we offer and integrating these into the commercial digitisation project that we are currently working on,” Broccoli concluded.