Biesse at Ligna 2019: 50 years of innovation

Six thousand square metres of 4.0 innovation at the Biesse stand at Ligna 2019. Robots and a range of solutions for panel handling, software, IoT solutions, digital services and the best technologies for wood processing on the market.

Biesse is set to make its presence felt at Ligna 2019, displaying the results of many years of investment in technologies and services designed to support the development of digital factories, founded on strategies which focus on the customer as the main point of reference.

The results for the Group published on 30 September confirm that this year once again, Biesse is continuing on an upward trajectory of growth. The current order intake serves as further evidence that global demand is focused on solutions which offer a high degree of automation, such as
integrated cells and lines. Indeed, the Group is investing in solutions characterised by high levels of technological innovation, with a view to enabling our customers to obtain more value from their machines. With this in mind, investments into automation and services are also set to continue.

After the huge success obtained with the WINSTORE automatic magazines, which allowed Biesse to offer a flexible loading solution for managing job orders in the first production process (sectioning and nesting), the company is now supplying technologies for managing panel handling during all the production processes. The new company strategy is based on the development of smart machines that perform repetitive cycles to achieve maximum production efficiency: robotised systems. The use of these solutions in factories helps simplify the processes, replacing many manual tasks and reducing the risk of damaging the panels.

Biesse Group is also channelling significant investment into placing the needs of the customer at the heart of the way in which the company designs, builds and uses machines, providing tools that can optimise the performance of the solutions purchased. Services are becoming products, or opportunities to establish increasingly direct connections with the company, with the professional skills upon which it is founded and with the experience that characterises it, working together side by side every day. This desire is the inspiration for the ONE SERVICE project which will see the reorganisation of the Biesse Service, designed to create shared and common working structures and methods all over the world, in order to work more effectively and efficiently.