BEX Asia 2024: Unlimited learning, business networking, and sourcing solutions

From 4-6 Sep, BEX Asia will return for its 17th edition at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. BEX Asia 2024 promises to be a revolutionary event, offering a unique platform for collaboration, learning, and growth. 

BEX Asia 2024
BEX Asia brings together industry leaders, innovators, and professionals to source the latest products, technologies, and solutions (Image: BEX Asia)

For 17 years, BEX Asia has stood as a pillar of innovation in the built environment sector in Southeast Asia. In an era where sustainability and smart technology dominate the discourse on urban development, staying ahead of industry trends is not just advantageous, it is imperative.

The built environment is evolving rapidly, driven by technological advancements and the urgent need for sustainable and smart solutions. Professionals and decision-makers must seize every opportunity to innovate and lead, ensuring their projects are both future-proof and environmentally responsible.

What to expect at BEX Asia 2024

Source more than 50% global brands: Discover cutting-edge products and solutions from global leaders in the industry. With over 50% of the showcased brands hailing from international markets, BEX Asia 2024 provides a unique opportunity to source innovative products and technologies that are shaping the future of the built environment.

Discover market-ready products and solutions from 250+ exhibiting brands: Explore innovations in digitalisation, construction products, sustainability and productivity that are transforming the industry. Attendees will have the chance to see firsthand how these products and solutions can be applied to their projects to drive efficiency and sustainability.

• Gain insights from BEX Asia’s masterclasses: Learn from industry experts about the latest technologies and real-life case studies. BEX Asia 2024 will feature masterclasses on essential topics such as the revolution of AI, air filtration solutions and more providing attendees with valuable knowledge and insights that can be applied to their projects.

• Join a customised delegation tour: Be part of a tailored tours that connects you with key exhibitors and solutions most relevant to your projects. The customized delegation tours at BEX Asia 2024 provide a personalised experience, allowing attendees to focus on the products and technologies that matter most to them.

• Network and connect with 10,000+ peers: Network with over 10,000 professionals from around the region. BEX Asia 2024 offers unparalleled networking opportunities, allowing attendees to build relationships and form strategic partnerships with peers in the industry.

Featuring some leading exhibitors at BEX Asia 2024

Daikin: Explore cutting-edge Smart control systems, AI-supported optimization for cooling systems and Daikin patented Streamer Technology (Enhanced IAQ). See how these advanced technologies can improve operational efficiency and leverage data for informed decision-making.

Camfil: Camfil is a Clean Air Solution provider to the world, our product range includes many industry benchmark filters and we have developed a wide range of technical support tools including software packages that can assist in Life-Cycle Cost Evaluation.

Ebm-papst: As the world’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors, ebm-papst group provides the best energy-efficient and intelligent solutions for ventilation and drive engineering tasks.

Pest Busters: Discover the “No. 1 brand no termite ever lived to tell” about. Pest Busters will provide you an expert-led insights and 24/7 active solution against termites with Sentricon AlwaysActive.

Yitac: Experience the first “MV2” VRF Measurement & Verification system and immerse yourself in the live “Twenty80” PDV experiential room along with other sustainability solutions.

BEX Asia 2024
Be a part of BEX Asia 2024, where innovation meets opportunity, and the future of the built environment unfolds (Image: BEX Asia)

Current market trends

The built environment industry is being reshaped by key trends emphasising sustainability, efficiency, and technological integration:

• Sustainable and green building materials: There is a rising demand for eco-friendly materials that reduce the carbon footprint of construction projects. BEX Asia 2024 aims to showcase solutions such as AGIL from ST Engineering and Zero Emission product by Wacker Neuson, that meet and exceed environmental standards.

• Smart building technologies: IoT and smart technologies, such as sensors, digital twins and automated systems, are transforming buildings. Attendees can explore data-centric solutions that optimise building performance and increase efficiency.

• Energy efficiency solutions: Modern building design focuses on reducing energy consumption. BEX Asia 2024 will feature innovative solutions like HVAC systems such as retrofit solutions from Novenco, NEWIN cooling tower products and more that help achieve sustainability goals while cutting costs.

• Modular and prefabricated construction: It is a process where a building is constructed offsite using controlled plant conditions before being transported and assembled at a final location. BEX Asia 2024 will showcase market-ready solutions in modular construction that will tackle current issues.

Sustainability efforts

Sustainability is at the core of BEX Asia 2024, hosted by RX Singapore, which continues to lead by example in promoting sustainability initiatives. Demonstrating their commitment, RX Singapore became the first tradeshow organiser in Singapore to support the Garden City Fund’s Plant-A-Tree programme.

In 2024, volunteers, including sponsors from Camfil, ebm-papst, Singapore Polytechnic, and RX Singapore, planted 50 trees towards NParks’ goal of planting one million trees across Singapore by 2030.

Minimising the waste that BEX Asia generates is a key priority that we share with our partners, visitors and stakeholders to make improvements year-on-year. For Carbon footprint reduction, this involves implementing practical approaches, collaborating with the right partners, and helping the industry decarbonise through the exhibition.

RX are founding members of the Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge, to makes the company, its shows and the wider events industry net zero. RX is committed to being Net Zero by 2040 and to make a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Moreover, BEX Asia is co-locating with International Built Environment Week to deliver a tradeshow showcasing market-ready innovations, digitalisation and sustainability solutions for the built environment.

As the built environment continues to evolve, BEX Asia 2024 is the must-attend event for those who aim to get ahead at the forefront of the industry.