Better insights with EVORIS and CEBRO

The CEBRO smart plant concept and EVORIS digital platform by Dieffenbacher are poised to help wood-based panel manufacturers better understand and control their plants.

EVORIS Start Center

With an aim to improve plant management for wood-based panel makers, Dieffenbacher introduced the CEBRO smart plant concept that combines digitalisation and advanced plant engineering with operational excellence and sustainability solutions.

CEBRO’s advanced plant engineering solutions include intelligent heat recovery concepts such as reusing heat from the press and dryer exhaust air elsewhere in the production process, to reduce energy costs and emissions and increase profit. To help manufacturers achieve operational excellence, CEBRO uses optimised processes and technologies that improve board quality, increase output, save costs and support a plant’s sustainability. With wood recycling solutions and new energy-generation and smart environmental technologies, CEBRO also helps manufacturers find the balance between economic and sustainability goals to build a better future for business and the environment.

Complementing the aforementioned solutions is the new digitalisation platform EVORIS. Based on standardised interfaces that collect and process sensor and actuator data — including camera footage — EVORIS gives manufacturers more insight into their production and processes. Artificial intelligence (AI)-supported analysis of live data is just one way that EVORIS helps plant operators better understand and control their plants and make important decisions more quickly.

EVORIS is a browser-based, open system. With its modular application structure design, EVORIS is extendable and updateable. All applications use an intuitive interface and can be securely operated from any mobile or desktop device within a plant’s network. EVORIS is built on three pillars — Connectivity and Transparency, Analysis and Condition Monitoring, and Prediction and Optimisation — and a Services and Support package.

This article first appeared on the March / April issue of Panels & Furniture Asia. To read on, click here.