Berg subsidiary Bitus to expand product offering with heat-treated wood

Project Niwa in Helsinborg, Sweden (Image: Bitus)

Bergs, a wood processing group, has started production and sales of heat-treated wood in their subsidiary Bitus.

This new launch signals Bergs’s continued development towards more refined products within wood protection and a clearer focus on project sales to customers who value aesthetically pleasing wood products with an attractive sustainability profile.

Heat-treated wood is an alternative wood protection and complements Bitus’s existing products consisting of both pressure-impregnated, linseed oil-treated and fire-protected wood.

“It is very gratifying that we can now also offer heat-treated wood and that our customer offering with this now becomes more comprehensive,” said Roger Eckerstig, CEO of Bitus.

Heat treatment means that the wood raw material is heated, which means that the properties of the material are improved.

The treatment makes the wood more resistant to moisture, mold, insects and rot, while giving the wood a unique dark brown color and also providing increased shape stability.

This makes it suitable for use in outdoor structures such as on facades, to wooden decks and similar applications. It is also possible to combine heat treatment with a fire protection treatment.

Heat treatment of wood is a proven and sustainable method that does not require any chemical additives.