Benefits of using multilayer modular flooring

Multilayer modular floors (MMF) are easy to clean and are therefore particularly suitable for allergy-sufferers, families and pets. Photo credit: tilo

Multilayer modular floor (MMF) coverings are exceptionally hygienic. The smooth, high-quality surface finish of MMF makes the boards scratch-proof and wear-resistant while the patented click-lock system ensures tight-fitting joints. Hence, these modern floor coverings are only are these tough and durable for daily use, they are also easy to clean and maintain in the long term as no domestic or outdoor dirt can penetrate the surface of the floors and dirt is easy to remove by sweeping or vacuuming or with the occasional use of damp wipe.

However, it is advisable to add an environmentally-friendly floor cleaner to the cleaning water from time to time to ensure full cleanliness. Only a small amount is needed to keep the use of cleaning agents to a minimum. 

With the issues of the environment and sustainability increasingly coming to the fore, the production technology used for modular multilayer flooring and the proportion of product ranges based on recyclable bio-based materials have been growing accordingly.


Water-resistant MMF floorings are in demand not only for kitchens and bathrooms, but also for the commercial sector. Photo credit: wineo

Innovative modular multilayer systems solutions suitable for wet rooms or for installation over conventional hot water underfloor heating have continued to gain ground due to their resistance to water. Vinyl floors with swell-resistant core and solid vinyl tiles are also in demand not only for kitchens and bathrooms, but also for the commercial sector – from shopfitting to doctors’ practices – where sales are increasing.