Belarus and UK to ramp up cooperation in woodworking

Cooperation between Belarus and the United Kingdom’s woodworking industry will intensify in the woodworking industry, said Eastern Europe Belarusian’s timber, woodworking, pulp and paper industry concern Bellesbumprom.

The concern recently hosted a meeting for top managers of UK businesses and Belarusian woodworking companies and furniture producers affiliated with Bellesbumprom. The UK companies present expressed interest in various wood products from Belarus. More specifically, there were high in demand on the UK market for upholstered furniture and garden furniture, street furniture for mansions, building structures, decking, various materials and components for furniture production, as well as full furniture sets.

Yuri Nazarov, head of Bellesbumprom remarked that Belarusian woodworking companies are very interested in the UK market. “We see great potential there. Last year Great Britain imported $2 billion worth of lumber alone. Such products are supplied by our neighbours from the Baltic Sea states, Germany and Poland…In fact, you buy Belarusian products from the middlemen, while we suggest working directly with Belarusian manufacturers,” he emphasized.

Lawrence Webster, Partner and UK Sales Director of Kullik & Rullmann AG explained UK’s interest: “We know that the products we buy, for example, from Lithuania or Latvia are made from Belarusian materials, and we are happy with their quality. At the same time, we want to forge direct contacts and work directly with Belarusian suppliers. Therefore, we are here today. We want to tour Belarusian companies and establish cooperation with them.”

Right after the talks, the UK businesses embarked on a study tour to the Belarusian companies. They visited Molodechnomebel, Stroydetali (Vileika), Borisovdrev, and forestry enterprises in Vileika District and Borisov District.

A business match-making session took place on the 19th of June which brought together Belarusian and UK businesses to discuss and work out details of their cooperation and outline joint projects.

The visit to Belarus was made possible with assistance of the Belarusian Embassy in the UK and the UK Timber Trade Federation to push ahead with the agreements reached during the Timber Expo 2017 international expo in Birmingham where the Belarusian timber industry made its debut.

Source: BelTA