‘Beeskow 50+’ project goes to Dieffenbacher

The Portuguese-Chilean joint venture Sonae Arauco has made a belated gift to its Beeskow site for its fiftieth anniversary. Under the project name “Beeskow 50+” – the plus stands for the future of the site 100 km southeast of Berlin – a state-of-the-art particleboard plant from Dieffenbacher will be built beginning in March 2019. 

The scope of delivery includes a 3-head forming station, the forming line and a 42 m long CPS+ continuous press with an emissions control system. In addition, Dieffenbacher is supplying the raw board handling and storage systems, sanding line, strapping and extraction systems, and is responsible for the electrical control, transport and assembly supervision.

“With the solutions from Dieffenbacher, especially in the area of the forming station and press, we will achieve excellent board properties and be able to offer our customers the highest-quality particleboard ‘Made in Germany’,” said Fernando Oliveira, Group Technology Director at Sonae Arauco, regarding the Beeskow 50+ project. The new project continues a long relationship between the companies. “Our 22-year-old MDF line with the Dieffenbacher CPS still produces reliably and with the best quality, so we look forward to the new project,” he added. 

Particleboard production started in Beeskow on June 9, 1966. At that time, the plant was a national enterprise of the GDR with a capacity of 30,000 m³ per year. The new particleboard plant, due to start up in October 2019, is designed to produce 600,000 m³ or more particleboard per year based on the product portfolio.