Bar Raval, a 21st century answer to the 20th century Spanish Art Nouveau trend

Conceptualised as the creation of an “art piece”, Bar Raval, is a tapas-style bar well-suited to Northern Spain’s social and gastronomic culture – though it is located in Toronto, Canada.

The interior, built from painstakingly-hewn what looks like unbroken Mobius strips of sinuous mahogany, is almost physical and sentient. The flowing, rippling surfaces engender close encounters, beckoning patrons of the bar to lean on them and get comfortable, becoming a part of the woodwork instead of a standalone.

Moreover, the architectural team also worked closely with engineers to develop a customised sound system and personalised acoustics, creating a wondrous setting that can be admired from multiple angles.



LOCATION: Toronto, Canada

All images are credited to Jonathan Friedman/PARTISANS