Atlas Engineered Products signs new engineered wood supply agreement with Taiga Building Products

Atlas Engineered Products (AEP) completes a new engineered wood supply arrangement with Taiga Building Products for all of its operating facilities across Canada. This national arrangement replaces the regional supply arrangement announced last year for Eastern Canada. It is expected that this relationship with Taiga will result in significant cost savings. In addition, AEP believes that the guaranteed lead times and re-order and delivery elements provided by the Taiga supply arrangement will make a significant impact on customer satisfaction and project schedules.

“Working with an experienced public company like Taiga, with operations across Canada and globally, allows AEP to execute its strategy to capitalise on economies of scale while maximising efficiencies and price in our quest of becoming the building components supplier of choice,” said AEP CEO Dirk Maritz. “All of our current facilities across Canada will benefit from the certainty in supply and resulting cost savings.”

“The seasonality of the construction industry has, in the past, resulted in supply and delivery challenges for all manufacturers of roof and floor trusses, wall panels, engineered wood, windows and doors,” explained AEP Vice President of Operations, Gurmit Dhaliwal. “This comprehensive approach to engineered wood supply will ensure we maximise our opportunities to expand our current markets and penetrate new geographies. We have been really successful growing our market share with engineered wood products in Western Canada. With our advanced design capabilities and this deal, we can now do the same across Canada.”

Taiga is the leading independent wholesale distributor of building materials.