Atlas Engineered Products expands its product offering that includes pre-manufactured wall panels

Atlas Engineered Products is expanding its product offering on Vancouver Island to include pre-manufactured wall panels for the residential, multi-residential and commercial building industry.

Custom designed and pre-manufactured wall panels can be used in small residential buildings, as well as large commercial projects such as retail centres, light industrial buildings, factories, hotels, etc. Pre-manufactured wall panels provide a cost-effective alternative to framing on-site. This product utilises less labour on-site during installation, while giving builders greater control of quality and integration of building components. Starting in the second half of June 2020, the Company’s subsidiary, Atlas Building Systems in Nanaimo BC, will introduce pre-manufactured wall panels as part of its full product mix as it continues to penetrate new markets across Vancouver Island.

 Pre-manufactured wall panels are very fast to install and requires much less on-site labour in comparison to traditional stick framing (Image credit: Butler Wilson Quality Construction)

“The new machinery and sophisticated design software that we implemented last year has allowed us to offer our clients customised I-Joists, LVL options, open web floors, and now also pre-manufactured wall panels,” explained AEP CEO, Dirk Maritz. “The expansion of our product line in BC has been extremely well received, contributing to significant revenue and marketshare gains. We are extremely excited to be adding pre-manufactured wall panels to that product mix. Introduced by us in eastern and central Canada in 2019, we continue to see substantial interest for our wall panel technology. The expansion of its products and services has transformed Atlas Building Services into a true turn-key solutions provider, supplying every building component to lock-up – floors, walls, windows, doors and roofs.”

“Our customers are excited, and enquiries for this new product are starting to coming in from across Vancouver Island,” said Hadi Abassi, AEP Executive Vice President, Business Development. “It makes sense that we expand into an area that has increased demand for new products and services. In fact, the use of pre-manufactured wall panels will make it easier for our customers to continue their projects during periods such as COVID-19. It is super fast and requires much less on-site labour in comparison to traditional stick framing, helping to address social distancing challenges at the construction site.”

AEP expects its newly installed and commissioned plant to be ready for the first wall panel products by the last two weeks of June 2020.