At the border between France and Switzerland, the Centre de la Petite Enfrance is dictated by environmental concerns

The Centre de la Petite Enfrance, built on the green and clean outskirts of Saint Genis-Pouilly. Simple in volume and lines, the building consumes less than 30kWh/m² per year.

Built with environmental considerations, local natural and urban landscapes in mind, the structure is simple, encouraging children to respond to their surroundings.

For both ecological and economic purposes, wood was the building material of choice, and was combined with some concrete on the structure’s north side. Natural and renewable, the larch, with a high level of prefabrication and not needing any treatment, presents no health risks and minimises carbon emissions.

To create an efficient insulation wall, the wooden structure was filled with whitewash and hemp, the white walls facilitating the integration of toys and furniture for the children.


Architect: Clermont Architects
Location: Pouilly, Saint Genis-Pouilly, France
Year of completion: 2012
Photo credit: Architizer