Asia’s only wood materials trade expo, Sylva Wood Expo, returns in 2024

Dignitaries and endorsers of Sylva Wood Expo 2018

Sylva Wood Expo, Asia’s only wood materials specialised trade show, is set to return from 24-26 June 2024, once again bringing the global timber network under one roof in China.

Jointly organised by the China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association, the Shanghai Timber Trade Association, and Pablo Publishing & Exhibition, Sylva Wood Expo’s last edition was held in 2018, hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic and China’s strict travel restrictions.

The support for Sylva Wood Expo remains strong however, with next year’s edition supported and endorsed by the likes of renowned international wood materials trade associations such as American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC), French Timber, Softwood Export Council (SEC), Canada Wood, Thai Timber Association, Malaysian Timber Council (MTC), National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA), China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association, and more.

As per past editions, Sylva Wood Expo 2024 expects a strong visitor turnout, with the 2018 edition gathering around 3,800 visitors.

Interested visitors can look forward to wood and wood-based materials from all parts of the world, including but not limited to the US, France, North America, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, China, and more.

Alongside the three-day expo, visitors can expect a programme of keynote speakers who will discuss market movements and how innovation can be harnessed for an increasingly competitive and challenging landscape.

China’s wood market

China is not only one of the world’s leading exporters of wood products, but also one of the largest importers of wood, wood-based panels, furniture, flooring products.

In particular, China’s furniture export trade has developed rapidly and become an important force in the global furniture industry.

China’s wood furniture exports far outweigh imports, with about 35.8 million pieces of wood furniture exported in 2021, amounting to US$76.85bn, according to statistics from China’s General Administration of Customs. In the domestic market, the wood furniture is also thriving.

Besides the furniture market, the real estate sector remains at the heart of China’s economy, accounting for 25% of the country’s economic output, and at least 60% of household wealth is tied up in property, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.

With the rapid development of China’s economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for living and working environment.

As such, the demand for interior design market continues to grow, covering residential, commercial and office, hotel, catering and medical and other industries.

Sylva Wood Expo 2024 is poised to be a pivotal event for industry stakeholders, offering an unparalleled opportunity to connect, collaborate, and explore the latest trends and innovations in the dynamic wood materials market.

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