Asia’s longest continuous press produces first board

Greenply produces first MDF board on a new Dieffenbacher CPS

On April 1, Greenply Industries produced the first board on its new MDF plant in Chittoor District, some kilometres away from the southern city of Chennai, India. At a length of 56 metres, the latest line is the longest continuous press in Asia. It is also the second MDF project between Greenply and Dieffenbacher, a deal signed in 2015. The first plant was commissioned in 2009.

The Dieffenbacher CPS lies at the core of the plant. Other plant components ordered from Dieffenbacher included a fibre dryer, two SGF sifters, a gluing system, forming station—including a scalper with a correction module, a forming line and finishing line with triple diagonal saw, two Lukki storage systems, and a sanding line with cut-to-size saw and exhaust system.

Greenply will produce 1,400m³ of high quality MDF per day. It will mostly be fed by fast-growing species (such as eucalyptus) as a raw material.