Argos Solutions to supply Laminex with new grading systems

Photo: Argos Solutions

Laminex, a producer of wood panels and laminate products based in Australia, has selected Argos Solutions for automatic grading systems for their melamine production lines.

The Argos Grading System automates the inspection of all types of surface defects in decorative surfaces. The optical inspection system checks the surface for the smallest defects and monitors the production process continuously.

“These systems will optimise our production even further,” said Graham Andrew, general manager of operations at Laminex. “We know that the Argos systems are fast and accurate, as well as easy to install and operate. Being able to trust advanced camera technology inspecting our panels, opposed to relying on the human eye will enable us to increase production speed, reduce downgrades and enhance the quality. All factors that will benefit both our production and our customers.”

The relationship between Argos and Laminex goes back to 2005 when they purchased their first grading system. Over the years, the company has grown and the need for high quality inspection systems has increased. The two new systems will be an addition to their melamine production and will be delivered in 2022.

“In Laminex, we say that ‘Every Australian deserves great quality design'”, said Andrew. “The systems from Argos will strongly contribute to keeping that promise.”

Terje Haltbakk, managing director of Argos Solutions, concluded: “For Argos, it is a confirmation of trust and satisfaction with our systems and service that Laminex yet again chooses Argos. We welcome this opportunity to continue our relationship with one of the leading producers to the Australian market and look forward to still being a part of delivering quality products to their customers.”